XVIDEOS.RED (notice the .red instead of .com) is pay area that costs $10 a month to access and has no ads. It is exclusively reserved to paying users who have a valid credit card. Even free trials require a valid credit card.
All XVIDEOS channels can receive a payout from these memberships. The content uploaded to xvideos.red is not given for free anywhere, but we have the usual 6 seconds previews over the thumbnails in indexes. You should feel free to upload as your content will not be given to users who do not pay for it.


It is important to be present in this section of XVIDEOS because the users there do not see the ads that are normally on xvideos.com. They do not see banners, video ads, native ads, pop-ups. The only visible "advertising" is yours : the usual text links inside and around players, as well as your big channel banner. Not having a presence here means passing on the very best traffic and users there is. If they enjoy your content they are much more likely to purchase something from you than regular users.


When you are on the video upload page : https://www.xvideos.com/account/uploads/new, simply select paying users in step 1.
Keep in mind that RED/premium uploads do not appear in many indexes until you have pre-selected thumbnails, contrary to regular uploads.
Upload only quality full videos, not promo clips, and do not forget to add titles in various languages if you know some (english especially), and relevant tags, as well as model names.


Your are paid 50%+ of the earnings. The earnings per user are based on what they viewed, including how long they watched each video. Both your free and your pay uploads are counted and generate income. For example if a user, during the course of a month, viewed 10 videos from 10 different channels, these channels earned up to $1 each. If a user viewed 5 videos from a single channel, this channel earned the full $10 from that user, before commission shares apply. Downloaded videos give extra earnings. To calculate real earnings we have to wait that the month is over, which is why the payout statistics are delayed. As of September 2018 the share given to channels is significantly higher than 50%.
You have to have valid payment information entered in our system in order to earn from this program.


It is important to keep a balance between your free and your premium uploads as they strongly benefit from each other in the premium area AND free site, because of the various indexes structure and algorithms. Keep building your popularity and subscribers and keep making regular free updates. But you should also upload some exclusive videos from time to time. We do not recommend uploading only free videos or only paid videos, although we are planning some updates to help the few accounts that are premium-only.
If you truly want to make the most of your uploads you will also have to learn what thumbnails especially, but also what titles and content are doing best for you. This is a process that requires time and patience, but once you figure it out you will reap huge benefits.
It is not uncommon to have to work for half a year or more before you start seeing higher traffic and views. It takes time to build an audience. The most successful channels have been around for years.


As of September 2018, both programs are active but we are planning to diminish the payouts from the old program, while increasing them from the premium sections. The goal is to have all our channels make more than they used to while being less dependent on (often scammy) ads.